Preserving and Disseminating the Cultural Record of
Middle Eastern Christian Communities

Middle Eastern Christian communities, likely established in Iraq during the first or early second century of the first millennium, have been displaced and destroyed. Beginning in 2003, war and emigration disrupted communities of long standing in southern Iraq, the Mesopotamian homeland of Christianity. The historic communities of Qaraqosh and Mosul and surrounding villages have, since the early summer of 2014, been pushed into the region of Kurdistan to the north. As refugees, these Christian communities (Chaldean, Assyrian, Syriac, and Armenian) have already suffered significant uprooting and disruption. Many have left the region entirely or are in the process of doing so. With their departure, the possibility of return from Kurdistan to their towns and cities becomes less likely, and the loss of the cultural continuity of these communities is imminent. The Christian Communities of the Middle East (CCME) Project seeks to establish a digital repository for the preservation and dissemination of the cultural record of these communities.